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Last week Tiombé had emergency surgery to repair a detached retina in her right eye. She first noticed a problem while traveling to Penn Relays for a competition and part of the sight in her right eye was blacked out. Her condition worsened overnight and she awakened the following morning to vision in the entire eye darkened. Upon returning home to Maryland, she made an emergency appointment with her retina specialist. Born with a degenerative retina condition, Tiombé has been extremely nearsighted all of her life and knows she is prone to complications. She has had surgeries in the past to repair torn retinas, but her doctor informed her that this situation was more extreme and that her retina had detached from the layer of underlying tissue in her eye. It was a medical emergency and, if left untreated, it would cause permanent blindness. Tiombé had surgery the following morning. Because of the invasiveness of the surgery and the weakened state of her eye, she has been ordered to avoid strenuous activities, any pressure to the eye, and flying on an airplane. This ruined her plans to return to competition in 2011, but she is in good spirits and is looking forward to the 2012 season. Her determination to overcome this setback and bounce back from adversity is a true testament to the drive and determination she is known for.
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